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Altan Turel - 100% Employee Productivity Increase in 14 days

Before: Was unorganized and unable to streamline operations and almost dissolved the company due to workload and inefficiency.

After: Got everybody on the same page, increased productivity by 100%, and synchronized team efforts in under two weeks. 

Timeframe - 14 days

“We were able to see who was doing what and when for each day and I was able to divide the workload properly and assign tasks all in one interface. I was able to see what was going on in each project. Did they need help? Was it on track? It was good. The best part about PeerBie is that we all felt like a proper team and it synchronized us to get more done.“

Deniz Okumus - Doubled Operational Speed In 14 Days

"Speed is very important for us. The faster we are, the higher the customer satisfaction is. PeerBie has doubled our operational speed. This is totally awesome for us! As a manager, knowing what an employee is working on, how long it is taking, hours worked in a day is a blessing for us. This data also helps truly for HR and employee performance analysis. We are also impressed to see all this data in historical reports."

Ferhat Gecer - Reduced Tool Costs and Increased Productivity

"PeerBie gives us a sense of a unified team working next to each other despite the distances that separate us. Now we are using less messaging applications and also experiencing less email traffic. Most beautiful thing is that PeerBie alone combines many 3rd party applications we were using before. We are now utilizing time and work more productively and effectively." 

 Serkan Turkoglu - Increased Customer Satisfaction by Managing Product Bugs 

"We are a startup operating in biotechnology sector. We have chosen PeerBie for product management life cycle. Especially in R&D, this is very important for us. We assign bugs, improvements for our products through PeerBie and engineers can take on these tasks. We are closely following durations for these tasks. The fact that our industry is not forgiving to any mistakes or bugs, hence through PeerBie we are able to interact with engineering staff in product lifecycle management. Field, labs, management all converge in the same PeerBie processes and culture, and this is very important for us. We definitely recommend PeerBie to others."

Mustafa İnce - Reduced Costs and Saved Time

“Perfect product for Startups. All in one nature of the product saved time and money for us. We were able to simplify our product portfolio thanks to PeerBie. We met with PeerBie in the middle of the pandemic while it was becoming more and more impossible to get work done. 14 day trial period was long enough for us to see the benefits. During the trial phase, PeerBie contacted us 4-5 times to further educate us on the product. We were quite satisfied also with the team. We made the purchase willingly.”

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